About – Who Is Charlie Craggs

Hey there, beautiful souls! 🌈 Meet Charlie Craggs, a British transgender activist, actress, and author who’s been making waves and breaking barriers.

Charlie Craggs - The Founder

Born and raised on a council estate in Ladbroke Grove, West London, Charlie has come a long way from her early struggles with gender dysphoria.

Inspired by Nadia Almada’s win on Big Brother in 2004, she realized that transitioning was possible and set out on her own journey.

The Journey

In 2013, Charlie launched her groundbreaking “Nail Transphobia” campaign. What started as a university project turned into a pop-up salon that’s been all over the place.

The idea? Simple but powerful—offer free manicures and create a space for people to chat with a trans person about their experiences.

The impact was so profound that Charlie made it to The Independent’s 2015 “Rainbow List” of the 101 most Influential LGBTI people in the UK.

The Author

In 2017, Charlie penned her first book, “To My Trans Sisters,” a collection of letters by successful trans women. The book was a finalist in the 30th Lambda Literary Awards in 2018.

But she didn’t stop there. In 2020, the transgender rainbow flag emoji she campaigned for was finally included in Unicode. Talk about making a mark!

The Media Maven

Charlie’s influence extends to the screen as well. In 2021, she fronted the BBC Three documentary “Transitioning Teens,” focusing on transgender teenagers waiting for NHS consultations.

And guess what? She’s also one of the leading roles in the Doctor Who spin-off podcast “Doctor Who: Redacted,” making her the second transgender companion in the show’s history.

Why Charlie?

So, why should you care? Because Charlie isn’t just about making noise; she’s about making a difference. Whether you’re an activist fighting for change, a sports lover breaking barriers, or just someone looking for authentic LGBTQ+ content, Charlie’s got something for you.

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