99+ Lesbian, Queer LGBTQ & Gay Puns

Let’s be clear from the get-go: LGBTQ+ is not something from another planet. It’s a beautiful tapestry of identities that make our world more colorful. And guess what? Puns are here to celebrate, not complicate.

Life can be challenging sometimes, and LGBTQ+ individuals and allies often face unique hurdles. You’re not alone in this journey. I’m here to acknowledge those struggles, share the laughter, and create a sense of belonging.

No fancy jargon or slogans here, just plain talk. After all, a good friend doesn’t speak in riddles or try to impress with big words. They speak from the heart and offer solutions, not empty promises.

So, let’s dive into the world of puns. They’re not just wordplay; they’re a way to connect, share a moment, and celebrate the LGBT diversity. Get ready to laugh, learn, and feel a sense of togetherness!

Gay Puns That Are Sure to Make You Smile:

What do you call a gay barista?

A “rainbro”!
What’s a gay person’s favorite candy?

M&Ms – because they’re always looking for the W!
What did one gay sperm say to the other?

“How do we find an egg in all this glitter?”
What do you call a gay drive-by shooting?

A “fruit roll-up”!
Why do gay men make great bakers?

Because they knead it with love!
Why did the gay mathematician become a gardener?

Because he wanted to “square root” the world!
What’s a gay man’s favorite place in a restaurant?

The “men-you”!
What did one gay snowman say to the other?

“Do you smell carrots?”
Why did the gay tomato turn red?

Because it saw the salad dressing!
What do you call a gay dinosaur?

A “Megasoreass”!
Why did the gay horse become an astronomer?

Because he loved to “gallop” through the stars!
What do you call a gay drive-by shooting in San Francisco?

A “drive-by fruiting”!
Why did the gay man bring a ladder to the bar?

Because he heard the drinks were on the house!

Why do gay men make great chefs?
Because they have the best “taste”!

What’s a gay man’s favorite dessert?

“Chocolate éclairs”!
What did the gay potato say to the other potato?

“You’re a smashing spud!”
What’s a gay man’s favorite place in Paris?

The “I-fell” Tower!
What’s a gay astronaut’s favorite planet?

Uranus, of course!

Why did the gay chef open a restaurant?

Because he wanted to “serve” some fabulous dishes!
What’s a gay cowboy’s favorite song?

“Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”!
Why do gay vampires avoid garlic?

Because it’s so passé, darling! They prefer “bite” nights.
What’s a gay bee’s favorite club?

The “Hive”!
Why did the gay tomato turn to the salad?

Because he saw the dressing and thought, “I’d toss with that!”
What do you call a gay baker’s signature dessert?

A “rainbow roll”!
Why do gay accountants make great partners?

Because they know how to “balance” the relationship!
What’s a gay vampire’s favorite pickup line?

“Are you a blood type? Because you’re my type!”
Why did the gay golfer bring an extra pair of pants?

In case he got a hole in one!
What do you call a gay snake?

A “hiss-ter”!
Why did the gay computer go to therapy?

It had too many “hard drives”!
What’s a gay astronaut’s favorite candy?

“Rocket Pops”!
Why did the gay dog start a band?

Because he had a great sense of “bark-timing”!
What do you call a gay marathon?

A “fun run”!
Why did the gay mathematician become a fashion designer?

Because he wanted to create “chic” equations!
What’s a gay spider’s favorite Broadway show?

“Web Side Story”!
Why did the gay zebra get a makeover?

Because he wanted to be the “striped” sensation of the savannah!
What’s a gay archaeologist’s favorite discovery?

A “fabu-lithic” fossil!
Why did the gay calendar need therapy?

Because it had too many “coming out” issues!
What do you call a gay lumberjack?

A “tree-hugger”!

Cute Lesbian Puns

Why did the lesbian refuse to play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding when she’s out and proud!

How do you know you’re at a lesbian cookout? The hotdogs and buns are always in high demand!

What did the lesbian say when her partner proposed? “I dough!”

Why did the lesbian bring a ladder to the bar? Because she heard the drinks were on the house!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite dance? The Electric Slide, of course – it’s all about the connections!

Why don’t lesbians ever play hide and seek in the forest? Because good luck hiding when you’re surrounded by trees!

What do you call a lesbian astronaut? A stellar navigator!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite dessert? Ladyfingers, of course!

Why did the lesbian start a garden? She wanted to see if love could bloom between two tulips!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite game? Chess, because it’s all about queens protecting their queen!

Why did the lesbian couple bring a ladder to their wedding? Because they wanted to take their love to new heights!

What do you call a lesbian who loves chemistry? A “Chemistri” enthusiast!

Why did the lesbian bring a broom to the party? She heard they were “sweeping” the dance floor!

Why did the lesbian couple start a bakery? Because they wanted to make “loaf” together!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite mode of transportation? A bicycle – it’s all about riding together!

Why did the lesbian refuse to play cards with the straight deck? Because it had too many “straights”!

Why did the lesbian break up with her vacuum cleaner? Because it just wasn’t sucking her into the relationship!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite type of literature? “Les-Biographies”!

Why did the lesbian couple start a construction business? Because they wanted to build a future together!

What did the lesbian say when she proposed? “Will you be my forever ‘mate’?”

Why do lesbians make excellent detectives? Because they have a knack for uncovering the truth!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite music genre? “Les-Bop” – it’s all about the beats!

Why did the lesbian become a gardener? Because she wanted to nurture her love from the ground up!

What do you call a lesbian with a green thumb? A “plant-mom”!

Why do lesbians make great scientists? Because they’re experts at experimenting with love!

Why did the lesbian couple open a restaurant? Because they wanted to serve up love on a plate!

What’s a lesbian’s favorite superhero? “Batwoman” – she’s all about saving the day!

Why did the lesbian bring a camera to the party? Because she wanted to capture all the love in the room!

What do you call a lesbian who loves to travel? An “exploral”!

Queer & LGBTQ+ Puns

What do you call a non-binary astronaut?
An extraterrestri-all!

Why did the LGBTQ+ chef win the cooking competition?
Because they were pan-tastic!

How do queer fish communicate?
They drop the bait and switch!

Why did the bisexual baker get so many orders?
Because they made everyone’s heart melt!

What’s a transgender wizard’s favorite spell?

Why did the lesbian opt for a career in gardening?
Because she wanted to let her true colors bloom!

What do you call a pansexual superhero?
Captain Pan-tastic!

How do LGBTQ+ scientists communicate?
They use chemical bonds that can’t be broken!

Why did the genderqueer fashion designer win an award?
Because their creations were non-con-forming!

What’s a bisexual’s favorite music genre?
Bi-hop—it’s all about embracing different beats!

How do LGBTQ+ photographers capture love?
By focusing on the heart and framing it with pride!

Why did the queer comedian always steal the show?
Because they had the best punchlines!

What’s a transgender person’s favorite type of puzzle?
One where they piece together their true self!

Why did the LGBTQ+ gamer join a guild?
Because they wanted to fight for inclusivity in every realm!

What do you call a drag queen’s favorite meal?

How do LGBTQ+ educators inspire their students?
By teaching them that love is the answer to every equation!

Why did the LGBTQ+ marathon runner excel?
Because they had the strength to go the extra mile!

What’s a queer artist’s favorite canvas?
The world itself—where they paint their stories and dreams!

Why did the LGBTQ+ musician start a band?
To create harmonious melodies that resonate with all hearts!

What do you call a queer astronomer’s favorite constellation?
Prideus Major—the constellation of love and diversity!

Creating Your Own Puns

Creating your puns is like adding your unique brushstroke to the canvas of wordplay. It’s an art form that anyone can master with a bit of practice and a whole lot of creativity.

Here are some practical tips for crafting hilarious puns:

  1. Know Your Audience: Understand the people you’re sharing your puns with. Are they friends at a party, coworkers, or fellow activists? Tailor your puns to resonate with them. When you speak their language, your puns hit home.
  2. Stay Inclusive: Inclusivity is key. Avoid puns that perpetuate stereotypes or exclude anyone. The goal is to make everyone feel welcome and included. The more, the merrier!
  3. Embrace Wordplay: Puns thrive on wordplay. Look for words or phrases with multiple meanings or sounds that can be twisted for humorous effect. The beauty of puns lies in their clever manipulation of language.
  4. Keep It Light: Puns are meant to be fun and light-hearted. Don’t go into heavy or sensitive topics unless you’re absolutely sure it’s appropriate for the situation. Laughter should be the result, not discomfort.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any skill, pun-making gets better with practice. Experiment with different words, contexts, and situations. Don’t be afraid to try and fail; that’s how you learn.
  6. Timing Is Everything: Puns often work best when they’re dropped unexpectedly. Keep an ear out for opportunities to slip in a clever pun, and watch the smiles and laughter roll in.

Creating your puns is an opportunity to connect, make people smile, and foster inclusivity. So, go ahead, let your punny side shine!

Charlie Craggs
Charlie Craggs

Charlie Craggs is a British transgender activist and author. She topped the 2016 “New radicals” list in the Observer and was also included in the Rainbow List of the 101 most influential LGBTI people in the UK for The Independent.

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